8011 O Aluminum Foil for Hookah

Hookah aluminum foil is a special aluminum foil used in hookah (also known as hookah bag or hookah) devices. It is usually used to cover the hookah bowl (i.e. the container for holding tobacco), and after punching holes in the foil, charcoal blocks are placed to ignite and heat the hookah tobacco.

Hookah smoking is a cultural tradition in Middle Eastern countries for centuries and is now popular all over the world. 8011 aluminum foil is an essential component of the hookah experience. Hookah foil is usually between 0.016-0.02 mm thick and is food grade. It is a high-quality packaging material with excellent performance.

Specifications of round aluminum foil with holes:

Thickness6-50 micron
Width20-1500 mm
GradeFood Grade
PrintCustom Brand Logo Printing
TypeSolid, perforated


Performance characteristics of hookah aluminum foil:

1. Heat resistance and corrosion resistance: round aluminum foil has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively protect the quality and hygienic safety of tobacco products.

2. Lightweight and easy to transport

3. Good sealing, protecting the aroma and taste of tobacco products and preventing the volatilization of harmful substances.

4. Isolation function, the main function of hookah foil is to isolate tobacco from metal contact to avoid reaction or contamination between tobacco and metal, which helps to maintain the original taste and quality of tobacco.

5. Humidity adjustment function

6. Prevent over-burning

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