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Aluminium Foil For Air Conditioner

hydrophilic aluminium foil is mainly used for air conditioner cooling effect, at present the thickness is only 0.09 to 0.15 mm, the air conditioner aluminum foil adapts to the home appliance charactristic of small, high efficiency and long life better,the use of aluminum foil to make heat-conducting fins for air-conditioning heat exchangers is one of them. Now according to the performance of air conditioning, all kinds of air condition aluminum foil have been developed with variety of effects, such as the hydrophilic air condition aluminum foil, hydrophobic heat transfer surface, anti-corrosion air condition aluminum foil, mouldproof air condition aluminum foil and self-lubrication air condition aluminum foil, etc.

Alloy1100, 8011
TemperO, H18, H22, H24, H26
Coil ID75, 150, 505

Low density, good thermal conductivity, easy to process, odorless, environmentally friendly and inexpensive, good high temperature and weather resistance, strong adhesion, smooth

Aluminum foil roll is widely used in construction,decoration,hardware,electric appliances,machinery and other
industrial and civil purposes,such as electronic capacitor,composite cooker,rice cooker,refrigerator,computer casting,telecommunication,equipment,lamp shade,air conditioner,cosmetics cover and so on.


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